What is love marriage? Choosing a life partner for your loved one’s heart and eyes from the way and it is right for him to dream of  marriage, but even then, with whom we want our life, we can not get married in the same way. What is the reason behind it?More things out of the house are more difficult, such as the jealousy  of a third person is not able to tolerate this relationship, which of which this person is jealous of seeing his pair, because what is the reason, In some way, he wants to break the price of black money by dividing the penalty and some misunderstandings in the mind but sometimes his heart does not get peace. Lava came, why sometimes you have seen in your life that you want more than your life, it changes in a different way together, why does it become so much love and it becomes distant There is nothing left to cry throughout life.

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Inter Caste Marriage Problems

The love marriage is the marriage in which love happened before marriage. In arranged marriage, it is the decision of the parents and love happened after marriage. Love marriage is also known as inter-caste marriage. The reason is this that in love no caste and religion matter for the loving couple. When a person fall in love they do not know the other person is of which religion. They only know about the feeling for each other. But love marriages in India are still very big thing.

Solves Love Marriage Problems

Love has its own vigor to overcome all difficulties, and intercaste marriage is not strictly disapproved by any ancient Hindu scriptures. Moreover, in the Geeta, Lord Krishna says discriminating people with caste difference is wrong. Even in the Vedas, mankind is discriminated by their Karma and Guna, not by any social castes like Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra; but, these are the creation of man. Still, the conservative families see intercaste marriage as a misdeed and disapprove the relationship.

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