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Relationship between husband and wife is born of seven births in the fasting of life with seven phere. According to Hindu religion, there is a relationship between seven births, but sometimes there is a crack in this sacred relation. Why is it that why some people This couple does not tolerate some people become jealous because of which the relationship comes to the brink of collapse but some reasons come apart also some  family reasons  or due to some enemies  some reason because of a third person at times.

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Husband wife’s relationship is considered to be the most sacred relation. Why breaks in a single day breaks in the same birth. We can not consider it, but the relationship breaks away, divorces, and then cry for the whole life Repentance, but how did this matter reach to divorce? But we can not understand due to tension. It can be prevented. This problem can be overcome. Your difficult and difficult problem can also be overcome. The brother or sister who has this problem, call it once, give me one advice. You can give a new life direction, promise you will not be disappointed

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