Here, Mr. A. K. Shastri at a very young age has achieved a worldwide popularity being as an India's best astrologer who is well known for its best astrology services in India including all major states and cities where in last few years back he was awarded with various Astrology Associations like Amritsar, Jalandhar and Chandigarh and is a a gold medalist in Astrology from Chennai and Hyderabad. He has learnt all the vashikaran tantra and mantra from his father who is renowned as a pioneer in vashikaran art of controlling mind. It is the God gift that drives the A. K. Shastri towards the world of astrology and horoscope predictions.


With the help of vedic astrology and Indian astrology we make you with future predictions while following your birth ascendant, planet positions and sun & moon sign. With the same horoscope chart including moon chart and birth chart we are able to come over with most accurate and specific calculations about your upcoming lucky charms.

The Month of July 2015 Can Give You A New Lease of Happier Life!

Though every month is very suitable for receiving the boon-like and world-class solutions of our guru ji of profound knowledge in astrology, positive vashikaran, meditation and spiritual healing, vastu, numerology, psychic readings, etc., the month of July 2015 is remarkable in certain aspects. In the month of July 2015, our astrologer of global approbation is going to make a worldwide tour to meet and serve his clients suffering from problems and issues related with various areas of life. To know about his tour to any certain country, please contact him over the given contact number, or just mail your queries to the email ID provided in this website. Here, it may be noted that, the branch and liaison offices of our world-renowned astrologer and vashikaran specialist are well-established in almost all major city situated in countries worldwide; the head office of his globally prominent and reputed service firm is lavishly established in Chandigarh of India.

The presence of the following holidays, festivals, and important days and dates of Indian and global importance, has made July 2015, further more auspicious for availing his miraculous and reasonably-charged solutions which are rendered for the peace, happiness, and well-rounded progress and prosperity of his myriads of global clients. The most prominent and significant among these holidays and festivals are Canada Day [July 01]; Guru Purnima [July 02]; Baistille Day (France) [July 14]; Eid-Ul-Fitr [July 18]; and the Jagannath Rathyatra [July 18]. The solutions of him are based on the above-mentioned fields, and solve and eradicate problems ever-occurring in nearly all domains of life, for all future years. Information about these domains or segments of life may be gathered from the web-pages of this globally visited website, which essentially include the spheres of health, education, domesticity, business/profession, love and romance, marriages, removal of evil black magic, aura enhancement, natural healing and meditation, career growth, employment, relationship with near and far people, etc.

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